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ЦАП Abbasaudio 2.0 SE •

ЦАП Abbasaudio 2.0 SE

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ЦАП Abbasaudio 2.0 SE

Непрочитанное сообщение zbutmash » 12 апр 2017, 13:06

Abbasaudio offer you the custom made DAC 2.0SE with the tube single ended output stage in a metal hausing with the black wooden front .It is assembled "plug and play" device.
AC: 220...240 or 110...120v (setting before shipping)

The device is based on the legendary Philips TDA1541 chip.However, the best chip requires appropriate quality components around it. Chip does not play singly.
We used the best components selected in a special way to get a perfect harmony.
This choice is not random but the result of a careful and long term hearing examination.

We dont use modern high-end ultra pure copper or silver wires inside DAC.We used only an old vintage copper wires taken from klangfilm ,telefunken,siemens sound equipment. Stranded wires are composed of different varieties of copper strings on a certain principle that leads to the device's ability to transmit the subtlest musical nuances.
We believe that it is the only way to recover the lost life in the recorded music.

DAC 2.0SE features:

1.Tube DEM clock ( E180F, EAA91 )
2.CS8414 SPDIF receiver 24/96
3.Shunt voltage regulators based on the germanuim transistors.The scheme has been improved and has a superior thermal stability.
4.Vintage and modern audio components are used:allen bradley,philips,telefunken,
Capacitors:Black Gate (2pc FK series,1pc PK series),panasonic pureism,Audio note standart (2pc) and Audio Note Kaisei(3pc) 220mfX160v,470mfx25v
5.Board covered with gold and a special varnish for best sound
6.Stranded wires composed of vintage copper wires taken from klangfilm,telefunken,siemens sound equipment
7. I/U convertor based on the special gold plated low noise vintage transistor. As a consequence of this fact, an excellent reproduction of quiet sounds,at -60..-80db level
8. PIO output capacitors HYDRA from 60th
9.Shortest signal path, the tube output stage with the low output imphedance (5687,EZ80).
10.NOS mode(non oversampling)
11.Genuine TDA1541R1 philips factory
12.Siemens film capacitors in the DEM cells
13.Spdif receiver voltage stabilizer based on unique powerful vintage transistor with a semiconductor crystal on a thin gold basis in the copper case.
14.Separate power transformers for digital and analog sections. Separate transformer for DEM clock.
15.Telefunken choke from 30th in the 5687 power supply.

The device has an incredible tonal purity and clarity!
The result of our efforts are the deep, accurate bass and the extremely smooth, soft, like analog sound!

Output: 2.5v RMS (1khz,0db Full Scale)
You get this tubes with the DAC:
E180F philips gold pin NOS
EAA91 siemens NOS
EZ80 valvo NOS

Dimensions: 440X200X100
Black front panel.

Цена - 1800 у.е
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